Our goal is to revolutionize the way that the world gives to the homeless population

Our mission is to create technological solutions that allow eager citizens to contribute to those less fortunate and manage those contributions to ensure that they are not spent on abusive substances. By doing so, we will reduce the homeless’ access to drugs and alcohol and increase their ability to achieve employment and get off the streets.

Breaking bread with your neighbor was once commonplace and helping those in need went well beyond one’s own dinner table, but in today’s world social circles have become smaller and most people have become complacent to the plight of the homeless. In fact, most people rationalize this complacency with the two following reasons:

  • No Change – Donors, simply, do not carry cash anymore and change is a byproduct of cash
  • No Trust – While everyone is eager to buy someone a meal, most donors were concerned with giving someone money to support a substance abuse habit

Mercy Cards will directly address both concerns and provide a way for everyone to play an active role in helping their neighbors help themselves.The main advantage to the homeless population is decreased access to drugs and alcohol. 38% of the homeless are dependent on alcohol and 26% are dependent on drugs. Most astonishing is the fact that these people depend on you for income. So, essentially, the homeless population are victims of our generosity and by limiting the homeless’ access to traditional cash, a universal currency, we can help them become vibrant, productive members of our community again.

We don’t need coins, we need CHANGE!