How a Mercy Card Works

Our success depends on Partners, Recipients, Retailers, and Donors like you. The following steps outline the Mercy Card cycle.

Step 1

Donor buys a Mercy Card online or via retail. If the card is purchased online, Donor can opt to receive card in mail or have card shipped to one of our Partners (a local homeless shelter) for distribution.

Step 2

Mercy Card given directly to a homeless person directly or via our Partners.

Step 3

Similar to a gift card, Recipient redeems card for purchases. Note that Mercy Cards are embedded with technology that limits redemption to restaurants. Transactions originating from other locations are automatically declined.

Step 4

Once the card has been used, Retailers will collect the card for recycle. And, the cycle begins again!

The following promotional video illustrates how a Mercy Cards works.

  • Note that we are working on finalizing the Mercy Card design and features and/or process may change prior to release.